About Us

AxInsure prides itself in helping its customers find the best health insurance providers on the market. We will do our best to deliver the most comprehensive health insurance providers who have the expertise that is needed to offer you the coverage you desire. Whatever type of insurance you or your company requires, AxInsure has providers waiting to assist you. Nobody likes to scroll through the internet searching for health insurance. It’s tedious and laborious. So, why not let AxInsure do the hard work for you. We have access to providers who can offer you, the insured, some great rates to insure you, your family, or your employees. We’re dedicated to helping you locate the best health insurance, whether it’s an HMO, PPO, POS, or EPO. We’re quick in finding you providers that offer just the right amount of health coverage you want.

AxInsure’s devotion to you is easy and simple. Why?

Because you’re the customer, and we’re here to help you. We have a long list of health insurance agents who are waiting to find the best policy for you. In today’s world, where everything is moving at the speed of light, finding health insurance should not be done in the blink of an eye. It takes time and diligence to pick the right health care plan, and if we can help you find the providers that will do the hard work, we’ll do it with a smile on our face. AxInsure is not an insurance company.

We don’t provide health insurance. We’re the company that helps you find the right kind of insurance. We have teams of experts standing by, waiting to help you uncover health insurance companies that have one thing in common. To provide you with insurance that meets your needs. These insurance companies are ready and waiting for you, and it is our job to get you to the right one. Our database searches through thousands of companies to ensure you’re matched with the best. You can view AxInsure as the middle-man.

We find you providers that care about your health and are willing to go above and beyond to bring the best insurance coverage to you. If you were to google health insurance companies, the number of companies that would appear would be overwhelming. Who wants to sit at their computer for hours looking for the insurance plan that you think you want? What if you put in the wrong information? What if you pick the wrong coverage plan? Then what?

With AxInsure, this won’t happen because we find you the companies that build you the insurance plan that is only for you. If you need to add a spouse or a child or you’re a small business owner with a few employees, or if you’re the head of a large corporation with hundreds of employees, we help match you to the right insurance providers that know how to get you the best rate. The internet can be intimidating, especially if you’re looking for health insurance and you don’t know how to pick the right plan.

So, you sit for hours looking at different company websites; Anthem, Oscar, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Cigna…the list goes on. By the time you’re done researching, you don’t care if you ever get health insurance. At AxInsure, we never get tired of looking for insurance providers that offer the coverage you want. There is a plethora of companies that help find its customers’ insurers with rates that are competitive. However, none are as dedicated as we are. Our company’s focus is helping you. We search for providers with your needs in mind. Health insurance can be confusing, especially for those who are not aficionados.

The different types of coverage, the deductibles, the premiums, the out-of-pocket costs. These terms alone can make your head spin. Thankfully, AxInsure understands the complexities, and we strive to locate providers that will take the confusion out of your decisions. Whether you have a lot of money to spend on health insurance or you’re attempting to find the best deals, we’ll help match you to the company that has the coverage you want.

Before there was the internet, there were the yellow pages. Do you remember those? The big wafer-thin pages where you’d attempt to turn a page without ripping it, searching for the health insurance company that you thought had the best deals. They had great advertising that took up the whole page. They had to offer the best coverage, right? Then you call them up, only to find their rates were too high and their coverage was inadequate. What next?

You guessed it. You start all over again. Soon, your fingers are black, and you’re seeing double, from that bright yellow paper staring you in the face; how things have changed. Now, you have the choice of scrolling through a laptop or desktop computer with the bright light making you see spots.

Once again, you find someone you think has the best coverage because their pop-up ad was brimming with detail and colors. You click on it and go to their website, only to find the same situation. Inadequate coverage and overpriced premiums.

Now what?

Instead of dealing with these frustrations, you turn to AxInsure, who does all of the searching for you. Soon, you’re told in a caring and sensitive voice that AxInsure has found an insurance provider who offers wonderful deals and great coverage. You can sit back and take it easy, knowing that there’s a company that has your back, and will stop at nothing until we find the provider that has the coverage tailor-made for you.

Finding the right health insurance can be a laborious task. There are so many questions, and if you don’t have the answers, it’s even more tedious. So, welcome to AxInsure, where our goal is to help you find health insurance providers that will answer your questions and take the frustration out of the equation. So, sit back and let AxInsure do the searching.